StackJaxx Pants

  • Release Date: 3/26/2021
  • Price: $60

Our Stackjaxx Pants Are One Of Our Staple Products!! These Stacked Pants Come With A Modern Fitted Bell-Bottom Opening, Are Made Of Comfy Cotton And Lined With A Soft Plush Lining.. We Also Added Reversed Stitch Lines On The Front Legs For A More Luxury Look.. We Will Originally Release 16 Colors, Other Exclusive Colors Will Be Available Thru Pre-Order Drops..  Please Refer To The Photos Below And Follow @sQBizz For More Updates..





  • Priecee 1

    Out of all the shops I seen online this by far the best I’ve seen. From the clothes down to the essentials is pure quality at a reasonable price. I would definitely shop here 10/10.

  • Steven

    Hello I was just wondering do yous ship to Ireland/world wide shipping if not will it ever happen ??

  • I’m Hungry When Are You Going To Re Stock Stack Pants I Need Add Yo My Collection

    I’m hungry when are you going to restock the Stack Jaxx pants I need to fill my collection y’all

  • Traivonne Clark

    Do u got a 5x

  • Ron

    I got the black, grey, and navy blue and I wear them all the time I need to order more

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