The Bizz Book

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  • Over 500 Relatable Quotes
  • True Mindset Shifter
  • Timeless Wisdom
  • A Unique Perspective


Meet DJ Williams, a visionary black entrepreneur who transitioned from a successful career as a barber to becoming a hometown mogul with his clothing brand sqbizz. Inspired by the legacy of icons like Nipsey Hussle, DJ made the courageous decision to leave behind a familiar path and fully commit to his passion for building his clothing brand. As his brand flourished and resonated with a wide audience, he realized the power of his journey and penned "The Bizz Book", a collection of motivational quotes aimed at empowering others to chase their dreams relentlessly and never settle for anything less than their full potential. Through his words and actions, DJ continues to inspire and uplift countless individuals.

Cultural Relevance

Explore quotes and messages that resonate deeply with the experience and challenges faced by black individuals.

Personalized Inspiration

Discover quotes that speak directly to your experience, challenges, and aspirations, providing personalized inspiration.

Enterpreneurial Spirit

Be inspired by the entrepreneurial journey and success of the black entrepreneur behind the quotebook.

Personal Growth

Use the book as a tool for personal reflection, growth, and self-improvement.

Positive Impact

Contribute to positive social change by supporting black creators and their positive messages.

Inspiration and Motivation

Find motivation to pursue your goals and dreams through relatable and empowering quotes.

What Readers Say

I'm a huge book reader. I read all kinds of books. And honestly this quote book is in my top 3. I love inspirational quotes. I have this book on my desk every morning at work and my co-workers, even my boss comes in and ask me "what's the quote of the day?"

Christian Foster


The best quote book I've ever owned!

Greg Monette Jr.

Real Estate Coach